Web Development

Development of web applications and web sites has been our specialty from day one. Historically, most of our projects are based on Microsoft's technology stack and ASP.NET but for several years we have employed alternative platforms as well, particularly the Ruby on Rails  and Django  web application frameworks.

We will determine the optimal approach for your needs at the outset of the project and make sure you are happy with our plans before work begins. Technology isn't religion and we'll simply use the right tools for the job and your budget.

Custom Web Sites

You provide us with the content and some details on how you want your site to look and we do the rest. Needless to say that we will work closely together during the entire project to make sure you get what you expected – and ideally even more than that.

Custom Web Applications

Software applications are as diverse as the people using them, but employing a browser to manage business data has become commonplace. We'll build the application to your specifications and by creating a pleasant user experience we'll make sure your users will want to work with it.

Systems Integration

Business applications frequently need to integrate with other systems to achieve a seamless flow of information in a company. Whether you need a server-side backend for your mobile application or an interface between your website and a CRM- or ERP-system (or something else entirely) we can contribute many years of server-side development experience to your project.

Content Management System (CMS) Solutions

Content Management Systems allow clients to edit the contents of their websites. We specialize in the Progress Sitefinity and django CMS products and can competently assist you with the implementation of your custom CMS project. This of course includes adapting the CMS to your needs.

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Sometimes clients need help with structuring and preparing their content. We can do that, too. If you have raw video material we're able to cut it and even create a custom soundtrack if you ask nicely.