Content Management Systems

Finding and choosing the "best" CMS is a controversial topic with many websites dedicated to comparing and pitching them against each other. We believe that the optimal CMS is the one that matches the client's requirements and philosophy most closely. After all, CMS projects can vary wildly in scope and requirements and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all of them.

We have evaluated many content management systems over the years and have settled on two of them as the preferred solutions for our projects: Progress Sitefinity and django CMS.

Progress Sitefinity

Progress Sitefinity is a comprehensive enterprise CMS based on Microsoft's ASP.NET platform. It comes with a very intuitive user interface for editors and allows for extensive customization of nearly all of its functions.

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django CMS

django CMS is a powerful open source CMS built on top of the django web application framework and using the popular Python programming language. Editing content in django CMS is a breeze and the system can easily be adapted and extended to meet the needs of the most demanding projects.

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