About Us

We are a small, agile team with a passion for good software, design and art. We have 15 years of experience crafting custom solutions for clients from all over the world.

Our clients range from small startups to large multi-national corporations. While the former feel easily at home with us the latter appreciate the flexibility and minimal administrative overhead when working with us.

For larger projects we sometimes recruit other freelancers for assistance, but our core team has always consisted of:

Our Philosophy

Every company maintains a set of principles that largely determines its "spirit". Here's our attempt to summarize what be believe to be true:

Keep moving

Technology is changing at an ever-increasing rate. We are constanly striving to keep up with its development and expand our knowledge and experience.


We disagree with the notion that concepts such as honesty, reliability and integrity have only little room in modern business relationships. We play by the rules both in dealing with our clients and amongst ourselves.


Projects are carried out to the highest quality standards possible with the given tools and under the given circumstances (such as time frame or budget). We generally aim to surpass our clients' expectations.


The success of any project is based on the level of communication amongst everyone involved. For us, this includes the willingness to accomodate client requests and keep the stakeholders informed about the project's progress at all times. However, we also consider it our duty to inform the client if we detect that specific feature requests would result in negative impact on the project's success if they were implemented. In this case we evaluate the situation and offer an alternative solution to the client which will solve the underlying problem.


Nobody exists alone and all of our actions affect others to some degree. Whether the effect is positive or negative is under our control. Some of the principles derived from this are:

  • To reduce the impact of our work on the environment, all of our office devices, computers and even our webservers run on electrity from renewable energy sources.
  • We will not engage in a business relationship with potential customers whose products or behavior we deem to be more harmful than beneficial for society. This is independent of the possible amount of money that were to be made from accepting the offer.


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